Why us?

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to access quality financial services to enable them pursue a life of dignity and prosperity. Our mission is to ethically lend small nsecured amounts of money at scale to millions of financially responsible Africans.

Who we are

We empower individuals with access to credit and simple payments solutions, Social Lend Africa is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda

We have been providing credit to Ugandan consumers for over 4 years…

  • May 2019

    Going digital…

    In May 2019, the founders realized that by leveraging technology, they could provide access to credit to significantly more consumers, and make the application process easier along the way. The Social Lend Africa web app was launched in May 2019. A fully digital consumer lending experience, available 24/7, that can get borrowed funds into a person’s wallet in minutes.

  • 2018

    Social Lend Africa

    As we grew to rely heavily on our peer-to-peer lending networks, we realized our initial Company name became unable to express our new journey! ‘Social Lend Africa’ represents our aspiration to leverage our online peer-to-peer lending networks and spread them across Africa enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners easily access INSTANT, short-term loans through a SIMPLE loan application process and on a SECURE platform.

  • 2015

    The journey to democratize credit in Uganda begins…

    Spectrum Xchange (U) Limited is founded in Kampala, Uganda. The company provided loans to small business owners, using a paper based application process that requires supporting documentation.